Capital Rottweilers
Owned and operated by Charlie L. Goldsmith Sr.

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Capital Rottweilers

Welcome to Capital Rottweilers Kennel, an AKC IN COMPLIANCE Rated Kennel. Inspection Date: 5/3/2012. Our goal is to provide you honesty, good service, good quality and a good tempered Rottweiler puppy / adult. All are AKC registered.
Careful breeding selection is a general practice at Capital Rottweilers Kennel. As you scroll through this site you will see many of the specimens we breed. Puppies are usually available, price ranges from $700 to $1000. Adult males and females are occasionally for sale. Price ranges for adult females are from $600 to $800, adult males are from $600 to $1000. These adult Rottweilers are ideal for guarding premises, as they are naturally territorial and excellent companions. Ages range from two to four years old. Payment arrangements are available through the On-Line Store link at top of page.

Air and Ground shipping is available. We offer in-person delivery service for a modest fee.
All required shots and worm preventions up to date. Good health is guaranteed. Replacements will be granted up to 9 months after purchase .

We take great pride in the caring, breeding, and socialization of our Rottweilers. All are critical and necessary aspects for the production of a Rottweiler that can be a part of the family for years. Please allow us to fulfill your need for a Rottweiler puppy or adult.


Charlie L. Goldsmith


Ph. 334-320-5131

Web. site updated: August 22, 2013

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Kennel and Whelping Facilities...


Goldsmith's Zues

Goldsmith's Ishael

Goldsmith's Rufio
Goldsmith's Prince


Goldsmith's Estefan
Goldsmtih's Sheila
Goldsmith's Honi
Goldsmith's Burnette



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